Student Body Scholaship Association

The Student Body Scholarship Association (SBSA) was created to provide college scholarships to deserving students who need assistance or full tuition simply because they can’t afford stay or enroll in college.



Our vision is to be a powerful force in providing services which can assist students with their education helping them to reach their full potential while fostering personal growth as they strive to achieve academic excellence.


We're passionate at what we do and seek to not only make long-term relationships with our sponsored students and with the many who support our organization whether it be through individual donations, volunteers or corporate sponsorship.


Thomas Jefferson believed that democracy wouldn't work unless poor but worthy students had access to a quality education. Our mission is to assist highly motivated students who qualify but lack the financial resources to attend an institution of higher learning. 

Nothing would please us more to see one of our sponsored students achieve their goals or maybe even someday becoming a future leader.

Student Body Scholaship Association