As the economy limps along since the pandemic of 2020, it has become increasingly more difficult for nonprofits to receive donations equivalent to those in years past.


With dwindling donations reported nationwide our board members gather at the round table each month brainstorming to come up with new and creative ways to bring in much-needed revenue to support our number one goal, "Providing college scholarships for deserving students."


Yet the backbone to the success of any nonprofit continues to be the support from private citizens "like yourself" that believe in the cause in which they support! 


Thomas Jefferson believed that democracy wouldn't work unless poor but worthy students had access to a quality education. At SBSA we couldn't agree more.

But a quality education goes far beyond the scope of a democratic society it's still the main key to a better life.

And with middle-class, non-minorities joining the ranks of the poor by the thousands each day, the need for tuition-based nonprofit organizations such as SBSA are essential to the masses regardless of gender or ethnicity.

For many this will be the only avenue available for them to attend an institution of higher learning.