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Raise your College Tuition Through our Nonprofit Fundraising Platform!

With California’s recent passing of the Fair Pay To Play Act” which allows student-athletes to earn money from their likeness. Many colleges and universities have followed suit or passed similar legislation. This opens up unlimited options for student-athletes who can now generate earnings without violating NCAA rules. They should now be able to participate in online fundraising platforms such as our college students in California, now have the ability to If you are a former college student with a student loan debt of any amount then consider enrolling in SBSA’s Tuition Sponsorship Program to raise or receive funding to help pay off your student loans through private donations or corporate sponsorships.

Student Athlete

The Student-Athlete Tuition Dilemma 


You put in untold hours of training, practicing, game film studies along with playing the game on average totaling about 45 hours a week, six more hours a week than you'll spend in the classroom on academics. As a full-time student or dare, I say, "full-time worker", you are part of a collected group known as "student-athletes" that will bring in billions of dollars in revenue for colleges and universities nationwide.

And even though you may have an unwavering dedication to your sport as you put in just as many grueling workouts, take just as many bumps and bruises as the top recruits while your athletic talent brings in far more college revenue that greatly exceeds any full-ride scholarship you may or may-not receive, still, you will find yourself not immune to the student loan debt machine.

In fact, more than half, 330,000 of the 480,000 NCAA Division I, II, and III student-athlete will not receive any athletic scholarships what-so-ever. Non-scholarship athletes are largely in the same boat as regular students who are not fortunate enough to obtain need-based relief or a scholarship based on merit.

Many student-athletes will leave school saddled with debt for years to come and with professional sports likely not a real option for most since only 1% or about 475 of the 480,000 student-athlete will turn pro. the other 99% (330,000) who do not make the grade ("Pun Intended") as a professional athlete will be forced to find jobs that will not only allow them to survive but also pay off the interest on their loans.


"Our goal is to provide every student-athlete with a platform to generate their full college tuition regardless of talent or sport!"

Getting Started! 

To get started simply enroll in one of our four programs today, it takes only $25 to become a member which will then allow students to set up their individual campaign to begin collecting tuition through our 501c3 nonprofit organization on our website.

Student Athlete Funding
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