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Raise  Your  College  Tuition or Pay Off Your Student-
Loan debt on Our Nonprofit Fundraising Website!

Go to and Get Started!

This tuition fundraising platform is available for current or former students 18+ who currently attend High School, College, Online Courses, Vocational school, or any other earning institution which requires payment or tuition. Former college students burdened with student-loan debt of any amount also qualify to use our platform to help pay off their debt in part or full. 

Getting Started

To get started you must become a student member of the Student Body Scholarship Association (SBSA) so that we can get basic information about your college needs. Once you enroll, you will receive an automated email with a link and simple instructions on how to create your tuition campaign on our fundraising website in about five minutes. Click here to Get Started Today!

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Only $25  to  Become a Member to Create
Your Tuition Fundraising Campaign!

Proceeds for our memberships help advertise our tuition Funding Fundraising Platform, as well as. host future events that will bring in money to help students reach their tuition campaign goals. 

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